22 maggio 2015

My man on the moon.

MOONED è ricominciato da capo, sempre su Mammaiuto, ma in inglese (leggi il primo episodio QUI).

In a bizarre and distant future Rico Ferris, astronaut, is stuck on a small moon. Lost in a-far-away galaxy and unable to move, Rico is constantly waiting to be saved by his friend Casio Malzy...who is, unfortunately, lying dead on the other side of the moon. 
Visions and hallucinations start to make their way into Rico's mind, leading him to live weird and complex adventures always bordering between madness and reality.
MOONED is a long journey, motionless and hallucinating.

MOONED is a sci-fi / fantasy / humor italian webcomic, originally published on website www.mammaiuto.it in 100 episodes, and today it starts again, translated in full into english by Fabio Martini.


Ieri, un anno fa, finiva MOONED con un epico Funeral Party.
Madonna quanto passa in fretta il tempo.

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